Maleshevo mountain

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The Maleshevo mountain (Малешевски планини) is medium-sized mountain located in the eastern part of the Republic of Macedonia and the southwestern part of the Republic of Bulgaria. Its highest peaks are Jami Tepe (Џами Тепе) (1,804 m) and Chengino Kale (Ченгино Кале) (1,748 m).

On the highest parts of the Maleshevo Mountain there is the spring part of the river Bregalnica, which abounds with its beautiful nature of untouched forest landscapes, numerous watercourses that captivate with their clearness and freshness.

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Rich in flora and fauna, on the Maleshevo Mountains many Mediterranean plant and animal species can be found.

Near the tourist settlement “Ravna Reka” there are the Pehchevo waterfalls and nearby is the forest park “Skokoto”.

Berovo Lake lies 7 km away from Berovo, which is submerged in the Maleshevska Mountains, and around the lake there are many hotels and weekend houses.

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