St. Nikita Monastery in Village Banjani (Манастир Св. Никита, с. Бањани)

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St. Nikita Monastery in Village Banjani (Манастир Св. Никита, с. Бањани)  is located on Skopska Crna Gora near the village Banjani.

The monastery was built in the first decades of the XIVth century with help of the medieval Serb king Milutin (1282-1321). Also at that time, a chapel in honour of St. John the Baptist (Св. Јован Крстител) has been built on the south side of the church. This chapel was ruined somewhere in the XVI/XVII centurie.
The monastery is built of carved stones, bricks and mortar. It has a cruciform shape in a rectangular space with a dome. The fresco painting inside the monastery is in very good condition. The fresco paintings date back since 1324 and it was painted by the painters Mihail and Evtihij.
The fresco paintings of the monastery St. Nikita Monastery in Village Banjani, due to its rich iconographic repertoire and high artistic value, are considered masterpiece in the medieval art in Macedonia.

Fresco: Expulsion of the merchants from the temple in church St. Nikita, Banjani

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