King Marko Monastery (Марков Манастир, Markov Manastir) near Skopje

South of the village Susica (Сушица) in the valley of Markova Reka, the Marko’s monastery is located with the church dedicated to St. Dimitrij (Demetrius). In the composition of the monastery courtyard are located old mansions and other auxiliary buildings.

According to the inscription above the main entrance located on the south facade, which was covered later, we learn that the church was renovated by King Volkasin and finished and painted by his son King Marko, in the period between 1366 and 1371. Although some data are incomplete, they allow us to know that the monastery acted continuously during Turkish rule. Within the monastery in the beginning of the nineteenth century stayed Kiril Pejchinovik.
The interior of the church is completely painted, frescoes arranged in multiple zones. The first painted saints, and other scenes from the life of Holy Mother of God, life, miracles and the sufferings of Christ, twelve major feasts, as well as scenes from the life of St. Nicholas.
In the middle of the court is located deep well with cold drinking water. To the monastery today leads asphalt road.


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