You are currently viewing Matka Canyon (Кањон Матка) – the oldest artificial lake in Macedonia

Matka Canyon (Кањон Матка) – the oldest artificial lake in Macedonia

Matka is the oldest artificial lake in Macedonia, whose accumulation was built in 1938.

It is located 14 km (~9 miles) from Skopje and its water is used for electricity production, irrigation, fishing, tourism and recreation.
On Matka lake is also located the Vrelo underwater cave, which is one of the world’s deepest underwater caves.
While visiting the Matka canyon, you can’t remain indifferent to the beautiful natural scenery, high cliffs, mysterious caves and rich flora and fauna. This area was inhabited even in very early times, which is indicated by the large number of cultural and historical monuments, and especially impressive monasteries in this region, due to what some call the Matka Canyon – “Small Holy Mountain”

If you visit the Matka Lake, do not miss the boat ride through the narrow canyon, rich with beautiful scenery and vertical steep cliffs.
On Matka Canyon there are several caves with different size and age, among which the most famous are caves Vrelo, Krshtena and Ubava, of which currently only the cave Vrelo functions as a tourist attraction. Namely Vrelo is one of the five deepest underwater caves in the world, and can be reached by boats anchored in front of the restaurant “Matka Canyon”.
It can be said that Matka is also the heart of mountaineering in Macedonia, with large number of suitable locations for  hiking and climbing.
 Matka restaurant is situated on the shore of the lake and offers a special pleasure. Arranged in a rustic style, with its 80 seats in the inner part, wonderful atmosphere and the smell of homemade meals, it is wonderful place for any visitor who wants to try something authentic from Macedonia. In summer days the terrace with a beautiful view of natural beauty, with a portion enters the beautiful lake, and thus your enjoyment makes it a real treat. Terrace capacity is 400 seats and is the perfect place for private and business gatherings.
Situated above the restaurant is located Hotel Matka, for those visitors who want to stay a little longer and to spend the night.


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