Mavrovo Lake – artificial lake in Mavrovo National Park

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Mavrovo Lake (Мавровско Езеро) is among the three largest artificial lakes in the Republic of Macedonia. It was built on Mavrovska River in 1956 within the Mavrovo National park. The dam is made from earth with clay. The height of the dam is 61.9 m, length 210 m and width 6 m. The direction of the lake is northeast-southwest and in that direction its length is 9.07 km. The widest area of the lake is 2.5 km.
The total length of the coast line is 24.7 km, and its surface is 13.2 km2. The largest depths of the lake are found near the dam, and at a maximum level it is 51 meters. At the maximum level in the lake, 375.000.000 m3 of water is accumulated.
The accumulated water is mainly used for the production of electricity, tourism and recreation and fishing.

Mavrovo, Macedonia
The old abandoned church St. Nicholas in Mavrovo Lake

Mavrovo, MacedoniaMavrovo, MacedoniaMavrovo, MacedoniaMavrovo, Macedonia - panoramaMavrovo, Macedonia - panoramaMavrovo, MacedoniaMavrovo, MacedoniaMavrovo, MacedoniaView toward Mavrovo lake – from the parking of Hotel BistraMavrovo National park - MacedoniaMavrovo National park - Macedonia
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