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Memorial Museum “11th October” in Prilep

The Memorial Museum “11th October 1941” is located in the center of Prilep. The building in which the museum is hosted was built at the beginning of XX century.

On May 1,1952 in this building was opened for the first time the Museum of NLW (National Liberation War) in Prilep, and on the occasion of 20th anniversary of NLW on October 11 1961 it’s opened permanent museum exhibition.

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For cultural monument Memorial Museum “11 October 1941” was proclaimed in 2003. Museum exhibition, which consists of photographs, documents, maps, drawings, objects and partisan equipment is located in an area of about 236 m2, on the ground floor in Hall 1, and the floor in Hall 2 and Hall3.
In Hall 1 is shown the history of Prilep and surrounding of Prilep until 1940, Revival movement, Ilinden period, the Balkan Wars, World War I and the period between the two world wars.
In Hall 2 are presented the events after the April war in 1941, the occupation of Macedonia, until the beginning of the uprising in Prilep on October 11, 1941. Part of the weapons used in the battle, and some of the equipment of fighters.

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Mural “National liberation struggles of the Macedonian people”.


In Hall 3 museum exhibition is dedicated to the events of October 11, 1941, with photos of fighters who carried out the armed attack of the “Uchestakot”, the prison and telecommunication network. On the west wall of Hall 3, dominates a huge mural on the theme “National liberation struggles of the Macedonian people” from Prilep artist Borko Lazeski. In the middle of the hall is also part of the arms and parts of the heavier weapons of the fighters.

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