Jovan Bigorski Monastery (Св. Јован Бигорски)

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Just above the entrance of the monastery there was an inn called “Dolni Palat”, which unfortunately burned down in 1912. The old inn, along with other shelters and buildings accounted for a closed whole, typical for monastery living quarters from the type of the monasteries in Sveta Gora. The inn was distinguished by special artistic forming of doors and ceilings, which were different in each room so that the interior rooms with richly arranged used for receiving guests. Inn was the work of masters from the village. Lukovo – Struga Drimkol known for crafty stone processing. Quarters formed the entrance to the monastery in the form of a semicircular arcade monastery fountain in the entrance, with special ornament around the inn. The monastic brotherhood tried, to restore the authentic appearance of the monastery, with full restoration of this lavish guest quarters. The inside of the “Lower Mansions” is completely authentic and is enriched with one more floor and chapel dedicated to the feast “Annunciation”.

Right from the entrance to the monastery, as well as before the church porch, are fountains with cold drinking mountain water.
On September 30, 2009, in the monastery fire, completely were burnt dormitories, dining room, guest room, kitchen, library, monastic houses and gallery icons. Fire which broke out in the kitchen, luckily have not embarked on the monastery, where were an invaluable assets, as icons, iconostasis and famous miraculous icon of “St. John the Baptist.”

Photos from monastery St. Jovan Bigorski





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