Monastery Zabel in Nikuljane (Манастир Забел – Никуљане)

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The monastery church of Holy Mary (Св.Богородица) is located on the junction of the villages Staro  Nagorichane, Chelopek and Nikuljane, and it is known as the Monastery Zabel.

According to the forest in which is located, the monastery belongs to the area of the village Nikuljane.

The church is monumental, three nave high building with central dome and octagonal apse. It was built in 1856, as noted on the drum of the dome, made from nicely shaped yellow stone blocks.
This church has a high representative iconostasis with large cross on top. The icons are work of the famous Dico painter (Дичо зограф) and Zafir Vasilevic (Зафир Василевиќ) from Debar in 1857.
This church is typical representative of the period of revival in XIX century .

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