Macedonia is rich with Mosques and Islamic architecture, most of which built during the Ottoman rule. The list presented here is not complete and is constantly updated with new entries, so don’t forget to visit us again.


Kodzha Kadi Mosque in Bitola

Kodzha Kadi Mosque (Koca Ahmed ...
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Isa Fakıh Mosque in Bitola

Isa Fakıh Mosque (Çınar Mufti ...
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Isak Mosque with Dragor river - painting by Edward Lear 1848

Isak (Ishak) Celebi Mosque in Bitola

Isak (Ishak) Celebi Mosque (Kadi ...
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Hasan Baba Mosque in Bitola

Hasan Baba Mosque (Hasan Baba ...
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Hadzi Mahmud Bey Mosque in Bitola

Hadzi Mahmud Bey Mosque is ...
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Yeni Mosque in Bitola

Yeni Mosque in Bitola is ...
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bitola monastir panorama 1848 edward lear

Haydar Kadi Mosque in Bitola

Haydar Kadi Mosque is located ...
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Isa Bey Mosque in Skopje

Isa Bey Mosque is located ...
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Yahya Pasha Mosque in Skopje

Yahya Pasha Mosque in Skopje ...
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Asik Celebi Turbe in Skopje

On hill Gazi Baba in ...
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Alti Ajak Turbe in Skopje

In the turbe Alti Ajak ...
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Mustafa Pasha Mosque in Skopje

East of the main entrance ...
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