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Movie Bridge in village Zovik, Mariovo

Movie Bridge Zovik is placed in picturesque nature on Gradeska river, 50 km from Bitola, near the village Zovik (Zovic, Зовиќ, Бзовиќ) in Mariovo region.

This village is well known for the so-called “Movie Bridge”, where the most famous Macedonian director Milcho Manchevski, shoot part of his film “Dust”. Since then, the Stone Bridge in Zovik has become a tourist attraction, constantly visited by foreign and domestic tourists.

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The bridge in the village Zovic is one of the most famous and visited locations in all Mariovo region. Its attractiveness, appearance and location, is the main reason for increased number of visitors from all over the world.
The bridge in the village Zovic was built in the sixties of the last century, by the master Dzuladin (Џуладин) from Labunista village near Struga.
At the place of the present bridge, during Turkish time there was a wooden bridge, which somewhere in 1960s collapsed under the burden of a local villager who forced the over the bridge an ox car. Great fortune, the daughter of the villager had escaped the crash because previously she went to the river, to pour water. Luckily also the peasant only suffered minor injuries to the spine.
Near the bridge on a high cliff there is an icon, depicting Saint George, which is a kind of relic of the church that existed there. This icon has been recently restored by the Institute and Museum of Bitola.
The Zovik Bridge with the vivid environment and eco clean, bubbling Gradeshka River, create an atmosphere that fills the spirit and calms the senses.

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