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Mustafa Pasha Mosque Skopje 1913

Mustafa Pasha Mosque in Skopje

East of the main entrance of the Skopsko Kale (fortress), on beautiful terrace which rises above the Old Skopje Bazaar,

Mustafa Pasha Mosque is located, with its slim minaret and an imposing dome.
Mustafa Pasha Mosque was erected in 1492 by the ruler of Skopje Mustafa Pasha, which can be seen from an inscription written in Arabic letters on marble plaque above the main entrance door.

mustafa-pasha-mosque-skopje-old-1917 Mustafa Pasha was a prominent figure in the Ottoman Empire, and occupied important positions. He owned large properties in Rumelia, and as vizier of Sultan Selim I received four villages in Skopje: Bulachani, Creshevo, Ranktak and Batinci. Mustafa Pasha died in 1519 and was buried in the turbe, which is located beside the north wall of the mosque.
 The mosque has a fairly simplified square room covered with dome on trompi. Inside the mosque, on the south-east side, middle is the mihrab, from where the Koran is read and the internal staircase, from which the muslim priest (odza) climbs to read prayers during holiday, decorated with plastic decoration in marble.
Before the mosque is the porch set on four marble pillars with three smaller domes. The facades of the mosque are built with alternating rows of well formed stone and two rows brick.
The minaret was built of well formed limestone, a slightly more white than the limestone used for the mosque. Enlarged part of the minaret is made of marble and decorated with ornaments. Enclosure panels enlarged are ornamented with round and Six lobe rosettes.
Original fountain built by Mustafa Pasha is now fully restored.