You are currently viewing Pelister National Park – the oldest national park in Macedonia

Pelister National Park – the oldest national park in Macedonia

Baba mountain with the peak Pelister (2601m altitude) is located in the southwest part of the Republic of Macedonia, between the Prespa valley to the west and Pelagonia valley to the east.

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Declared for national park in 1948, it lies on the northern and northeastern slopes of Pelister area on 10 400 ha. Geological substrate over 1,300 m above sea level is the granite surfaces in the form of inverted blocks, stone rivers and crystalline schists.

The park is rich with water, and of particular importance are the three glacial cirques filled with water. It is declared for national park due its endemic pine Molika three.

pelister-national-park-in-macedonia 1 Regarding the use of the National Park are separated into three zones: the strictly protected zone covering parts over 1,600 m altitude, Tourist – recreation zone where are built a children’s resort, hotel, ski lift and ski trails, picnic spots and Meliorative zone which covers the areas between the village Kazani, the peak Vrteska and the fold Gjavato.
The National Park Pelister is 15 km away from Bitola, 65 km from Ohrid and 30 km from Prespa Lake and covers wider spaces, which in their features differ significantly from its immediate and distant surroundings.

Pelister National Park - panorama

Pelister National Park - panorama

Pelister National Park, Macedonia

Pelister National Park, Republic of Macedonia

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