Nature in Macedonia

Explore the nature in Macedonia. The list presented here is not complete and is constantly updated with new entries so don’t forget to visit us again.


Mavrovo Lake – artificial lake in Mavrovo National Park

Mavrovo Lake (Мавровско Езеро) is ...
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krani prespa lake

Krani Beach – Auto Camp Krani – Prespa Lake

Krani Beach (Плажа Крани) is ...
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dupeni beach

Dupeni Beach, Prespa Lake

Dupeni Beach is one of ...
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slivnica beach

Slivnica Beach on Prespa Lake

Slivnica Beach is located near ...
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WW1 National Park Pelister 00

Pelister Info Center

Pelister Info Center is a ...
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Babino village, Demir Hisar

Babino is a mountain village ...
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Krusevo Lake (Крушевско Езеро)

Krusevo Lake also called Gumenje ...
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globocica-lake 1

Globochica Lake (Глобочица)

Globochica (Глобочица) is artificial lake ...
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Jakupica (Wet Mountain)

Jakupica is high mountain range ...
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