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Explore the nature in Macedonia. The list presented here is not complete and is constantly updated with new entries so don’t forget to visit us again.

Mladost Lake – near Veles – photo gallery

Mladost Lake – near Veles – photo gallery

Mladost Lake (Езеро Младост, Велешко ...
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Mavrovo Lake – artificial lake in Mavrovo National Park

Mavrovo Lake (Мавровско Езеро) is ...
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dupeni beach

Dupeni Beach, Prespa Lake – Photo Gallery

Dolno Dupeni Beach Dupeni Beach ...
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WW1 National Park Pelister 00

Pelister Info Center

Pelister Info Center is a ...
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Babino village, Demir Hisar

Babino is a mountain village ...
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Krusevo Lake (Крушевско Езеро)

Krusevo Lake also called Gumenje ...
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globocica-lake 1

Globochica Lake (Глобочица)

Globochica (Глобочица) is artificial lake ...
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Jakupica (Wet Mountain)

Jakupica is high mountain range ...
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