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Osogovo Mountains

Osogovo Mountains (Осоговски Планини) are a high mountain massif in the eastern part of the Republic of Macedonia, which as a natural whole continues in the Republic of Bulgaria. According to its surface it is the second biggest mountain massif in Republic of Macedonia, along the mountain range Jakupica (Mokra Planina).

Osogovo Mountains in Macedonia
The highest peak of the Osogovo Mountains is “Ruen” (2,252 m), and besides it there are 5 more peaks higher than 2000 m, among which interesting is “Tsarev Vrv” (2076 m), also known according to its Turkish name “Sultan Tepe”.

Sultan Tepe - Osogovo Mountains in Macedonia
Sultan Tepe – Osogovo Mountains in Macedonia

There is a legend that the name Osogovo derives from the old Saxon miners who in the past excavated gold and silver from this area and came about by combining the words of the old German language “osso” (god) and “gov” (place), which means “the place of God”.
The relief of the Osogovo mountain range is high, flattened and long mountainous, which are broken down by deep river valleys and craters.

Osogovo Mountains in Macedonia
Larger cities at the foothills of the Osogovo Mountains are Kocani and Kriva Palanka in Macedonia and Kyustendil in Bulgaria.

The Osogovo Mountains are especially suitable for hiking, mountain biking, and there are also jeep excursions that are organized throughout the year. The “Ponikva” resort, as well as the “Toranica” and “Toshino bojiste” bases additionally enrich the tourist offer, and there are also several hotels and other types of accommodation facilities.

At the foot of the Osogovo Mountains there is the monastery of St. Joakim Osogovski or the Osogovo Monastery which is one of the most famous tourist destinations in this part of Macedonia.