Batko Gjorgija (Батко Ѓорѓија) monument, Nova Jugoslavija Square, Kumanovo
Batko Gjorgija (Батко Ѓорѓија) was an urban character, a synonym of Kumanovo city, through which the positive spirit and the specific character of the citizens of Kumanovo are reflected. The monument of Batko Gjorgija is located in the center of Kumanovo, in front of the Craft House on the Nova Jugoslavija (New Yugoslavia) square. The monument was set in 2006 and...
Memorial Ossuary Kavadarci
The Memorial Ossuary honoring the fallen fighters from Kavadarci and the surrounding during the Second World War is erected on a panoramic location in the city park in Kavadarci.
St. George – “Polog monastery” on Tikvesh Lake
The monastery St. George on Tikvesh Lake (Polog Monastery) is located on the slopes of Viseshnica mountain, next to the Tikvesh artificial lake. The name of the monastery originates from the nearby village of Polog, which ceased to exist after the creation of the Tikvesh Lake (1964 - 1968). Photos: Macedonia Nature and OFF ROAD Macedonia The monastery church "St. George" is...
St. Clement – “Small” – church in Ohrid
The Church dedicated to St. Clement (Св. Климент) is the only one from the Ohrid churches that since its beginning has been devoted to the patron of the city. The epithet "Small" is probably obtained because of its modest dimensions.
Holy Mary – Pandanos – church in Ohrid
The Church "Holy Mary - Pandanos" (Света Богородица - Панданос) is a Macedonian Orthodox Christian church located in the old part of Ohrid, just above the ancient theater, in the Kuzman Kapidan street.