Pelince – Memorial center ASNOM (Пелинце Меморијален Центар АСНОМ)


The Pelince Memorial Museum was developed by the project of architect Georgi Konstantinov (Ѓорѓи Константинов) and the monumental mosaic facade is the work of the Macedonian contemporary artists Rubens Korubin (Рубенс Корубин) and Ilija Penushliski (Илија Пенушлиски).

The museum exhibit is made in ambiental and authentic manner, as at the time when the First Meeting of ASNOM was held on August 2, 1944 in the Monastery Prohor Pcinjski (Прохор Пчињски) which today is located in Serbia.

On the first ASNOM session were present 116 delegates from Vardar, Aegean and Pirin part of Macedonia. In addition also were present the representatives of the English and American military mission in Macedonia during the World War II.
The session was opened by the oldest member of Parliament, Panko Brashnarov (Панко Брашнаров), and then were adopted important decisions, which laid the foundation of the Macedonian state.
One of the most important documents of the session include: Decisions which constitute Macedonia as an equal federal unit of the Democratic Federal Yugoslavia, implementation of the Macedonian language as official language of the Macedonian state, etc.
The first meeting of ASNOM marks the beginning of the current existence of Macedonia as a free state in federation with the Yugoslav people, and since 1991 as an independent state .
Pelince Memorial Museum was opened on 2 August 2004 on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the ASNOM meeting.

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