Kopanki, Pelister – Live Kamera Stream

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Live Camera – Kopanki Ski center, Macedonia

Kopanki (Копанки, Пелистер) Ski center is located in National park “Pelister” in the southwest part of the Republic of Macedonia.

The location of the Ski center Kopanki itself on the northwest part of the National park, provides a view towards the Pelagonia valley, the town Bitola and it’s surrounding, that takes Your breath away. This part of the park is one of the most interesting and most exciting localities, specific with its wealth of rare kinds of flora and fauna.

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More info

Hotel Molika – Pelister

  • Begova Cheshma, National Park Pelister, Macedonia
  • + +389 47 229 406
  • +389 75 495 725
  • molika@t-home.mk


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