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Plackovica Mountain – Macedonian Mountains

Plackovica is a mountain with medium height, located in the eastern part of the Republic of Macedonia with the highest point “Lisec” (1 754 m). It is situated between the town of Radovis and Strumica-Radovish valley in the south and Kocani valley in the north, in the northwest-southeast direction.

With the valley of “Zrnovska” river, the mountain Plachkovica is divided in two parts: east and west. The western part is lower with the highest peak “Turtel” 1.689 m, while the eastern part of Plackovica is higher and on it are the peaks “Lisec” (1754 m), “Čupino Brdo” (1725 m), “Bel Kamen” (1707 m), “Kara Tepe” (1625 m) and others.
Plackovica Mountain Macedonia

The mountain is divided with deep river valleys. The rivers are more numerous and richer with water on the north side and have deep valleys and a large longitudinal fall. Thus, on “Zrnovska” river there are many waterfalls.
The western and southwestern slopes are bare with developed erosion, while the other parts are under the forest.

On the mountain Plachkovica there are three beautiful canyons: “Kamnik”, “Kozjak” and “Zrnovka”, which are abundant with natural beauties such as rivers, waterfalls, slopес, high rocks …
Also very interesting are the caves on mountain Plachkovica, of which five are examined and accessible to visitors. The largest of them is the Great Cave, with a length of 600 meters.