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Saint Naum Ohridski (Св. Наум Охридски) – life and work

The second representative of the Ohrid literary center is Saint Naum Ohridski, who contributed to the speeding of the Slavic literacy in Macedonia. When we are talking about St. Clement we also say a lot for St. Naum, because their life path and activity were signified with common marks.

As for Clement also for Naum, there is no concrete biographical data for the date and place of birth.

There are some serious beliefs that Naum and Clement were born brothers. If we take that for true, then all statements for the origin of Clement could refer to Naum also.

Both for Clement and for Naum there were gospels among which it was said that they accompanied the Slavic teachers Cyril and Methodius in their mission in Moravia. During their stay in Rome together with Cyril and Methodius there were also their closer students among who was Naum. In Rome, Adrian ordained Clement and Naum.

Prof. H. Polenakovik considered that Clement and Naum as more distinguished students were ordained for presbyter.

After the death of Methodius, there were severe prosecutions of the Cyril and Methodius students among whom were Clement and Naum and expelled, they found themselves on the court of the Bulgarian prince Boris who sent Clement to Kutmicevica and Naum to Preslav.

So, Clement opened the Ohrid Literary Center and Naum the center in Preslav.

After a short period in Preslav, Naum was sent to such loved birthplace Ohrid i.e. Kutmicevica to replace Clement.

In 893 Clement took the position of episcope and Naum became a teacher-follower of the cultural and educational work in Macedonia with no less persistence and hardworking then his predecessor Clement.

Naum also worked day and night on the cultural and educational field in Macedonia, promoting himself as a second main representative in Ohrid Literary Center. There are justified opinions that Naum beside the teachers’ activity, was involved in literary activity. But, unfortunately, today not even one work exists which was signed with the name of Naum. Maybe, due to his humbleness or some other reason he did not put his name, although according to the work of Constantine of Bregalnica, it was said that it was a stimulus to write the Teaching gospel given by Naum. Due to all this, it is considered that Naum wrote, so he gave ideas and advice to others to create as in this case with Constantine.

Besides the merits that Naum had for his cultural and educational activity, he had great merit for the building of one of the greatest monasteries in Macedonia. That is the monastery by the Ohrid lake at the sprinkles of the river Crn Drim dedicated to the Archangels,  especially to the Archangel Michael. According to the first hagiography of Naum, the monastery was built in 900, according to the others in 905.

This monastery since the time of Naum had a rich fund of books and later through the centuries, it became a real storehouse of Slavic books and handwritings. So, this monastery as well as Clement’s monastery can be placed among the first Macedonian monasteries that had rich monastery libraries. In the same monastery 23-XII 910, Naum died and the funeral was made by his life companion Clement.