Shar Planina (Šar Mountain, Шар Планина) – Mountains in Macedonia

Shar Planina - Macedonia

Shar Planina (Šar Mountain, Шар Планина) or short “Shara” is located in the northwestern part of Republic of Macedonia on the border with Kosovo and Albania. The highest peak on Shar mountain is “Titov Vrv” with 2747 m, and also the following peaks are known: Mal Turchin (2702 m), Bakardan (2700 m), Ljuboten (2499 m), Livaditsa (2491 m), Piribeg (2524 m) , Ezerca (2604 m), Chausica (2640 m), Bistrica (2540 m), Crn Vrv (2580 m), etc.

Shar Mountain is rich with water, and it has 27 mountain lakes, more than 100 springs and over 25 mountain rivers. The waterfalls such as that on “Beloviska Reka”, which has a drop of 43 m and the waterfall near “Titov vrv” with a drop of 25 m are also especially interesting.

Shar Planina has developed tourism in the areas of mountain sports such as skiing, mountaineering, mountain biking, paragliding, hunting, fishing and more.

At “Shara” also is located the tourist center “Popova Sapka”, at an altitude of 1700 m, which has two cable cars and nine ski lifts, with a total length of 10.972 m, and a capacity of 8.000 skiers per hour.
Several hotels and resorts, as well as several hundred private summer houses exist on Popova Shapka, there is a mountain lodge as well as many other buildings.
On Shar Mountain each year, the traditional “Shar Mountain Cup” is held. The Shar Mountain massif is also characterized by rich flora and fauna.

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