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Small Montmartre of Bitola

Small Montmartre of Bitola (Мал  Битолски  Монмартр) is children art manifestation held every year in May in Bitola.

In the last few years, the Art manifestation “Small Montmartre of Bitola” that is organized by the art studio “Cyril and Methodius” has turned into a successful children’s art festival. Children from all over the world come to express their imagination through art, creating important and priceless art that is presented in the country and around the world. “Small Montmartre of Bitola” is a winner of numerous awards and nominations.
The Children Art Studio Bitola posses a huge fund of children art works, which now counts more than 400.000 works created by talents from around the world. Among the most famous successes of the Studio encountered is the winning of the first prize on the International competition “For safer world” organized by NATO Alliance in Prague (Czech Republic). The award was granted to Stefan Popovski a 14 year-old boy, member of the Studio in 2003.