Smilevo village also known for Smilevo Congress and Ilinden Uprising is the birthplace of the Macedonian national hero Damjan (Dame) Gruev – one of the founders and leaders of IMRO (Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization).

During the Smilevo Congress which took place from May 2 – 7 1903, the decision was made to start the Ilinden Uprising in the morning of August 2, 1903.

Smilevo village in the beginning XX century

Smilevo in the beginning of XX century

Smilevo was devastated during the Ilinden uprising and оn the occasion of 100 years from the uprising in 2003, a memorial museum was built, consisting of the several thematic entities.

Smilevo Museum - village Smilevo, Macedonia

Smilevo Museum - village Smilevo, Macedonia

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On the hill above the village, there is a memorial park dedicated to Dame Gruev.

Dame Gruev Monument in Smilevo, Demir Hisar Municipality, Macedonia

The population in Smilevo has rich architectural tradition, with many impressive buildings in Macedonia and abroad. Bitola city, as the largest administrative center near this village, has a number of objects built by masons from Smilevo during the Ottoman rule.