St. Atanasie (Св. Атанасие), v. Sisevo

Nearby village Sisevo (Шишево) is the church of St. Nicholas, also known as St. Athanasius builded probably on older cultural place.

From the meager historical data it is registered only the existence of the church, which has a one nave form. The building is made with well formed stone, without the use of brick.
On the south wall is a small window with a window form – arms of defensive towers.

The facades are not broken down, and the apse is three-sided. All surfaces in the church are painted, and the painting is in pretty good condition.

Above the western entrance, as is usual in other churches, is Slavic inscription, which mentions secular clergy, likely donors for the building or painting of the church. However, into the church is derived another inscription hardly readable due to damage that mentions the year of painting 1565.
Today the church is located on the asphalt road leading to the monastery Matka.

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