St. Mary (Св. Богородица) village Susica

Near the Marko’s monastery in the valley Markova Reka significant monument of culture is the St. Mary church known by the villagers under the name of St. Nikola (St. Nicholas).

The fact that the church was originally dedicated to Holy Mary shows the figure of Holy Mary with Christ, painted in the niche above the west entrance of the church discovered during conservation of the frescoes in the church.
Historical data, which would talk about the time of the construction and painting of the church, have not been disclosed. Also it is not known when additionally was build the porch on the west side.
The church is a nave with a semicircular arch, built of stone and brick, with small openings on the north, the south wall and the apse. Inside the church are preserved frescoes, unfortunately very badly damaged. Remained only a few tracks on the west, south and east wall.
Today besides the church runs an asphalt road leading to Marko’s monastery.

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