St. Demetrius – church in Varosh, Prilep (Црква Св. Димитрие, Варош, Прилеп)


The church St. Demetrius with its today’s look represents a conglomerate of several buildings from different eras.

In today’s form it gives the impression of a cruciform church with a dome of twelve sided drum, with the southern wing lower than others.

In the processing of the facade and apse is used ceramoplastic rich decoration around openings and other surfaces. Decorative architectural elements carry the characteristics of the buildings from XIII and XIV century.
There is no historical data about the date of building, but about the existence of the church Saint Demetrius in the first half of the XIV century we can learn from the charter of Tsar Dusan, which in 1335 confirmed the affiliation of this church to the monastery church Treskavec. According to this note it can be confirmed that the church existed since earlier times.
From the old furniture preserved are the carved church doors of the iconostasis, originating from the end of the XV or early XVI century.

From Prilep – city of Marko Krale
From Prilep – city of Marko Krale
From Prilep – city of Marko Krale



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