St. Dimitrij Monastery in Veles

St. Dimitrij monastery in Veles, Macedonia

The monastery St. Dimitrij (Св.Димитриј, St. Demetrius) is located about two kilometers south of Veles, on the right side of Vardar River.
According to historical data it is believed that the monastery dates back to the old times since the ancient city of Vilazora. In the 14th century, the church of St. Demetrius was rebuilt by the lord / ruler Radenko with his mother, during the time of Emperor Tsar Dushan. Today’s look of the monastery originates from the middle of nineteenth century.
Namely, with the conquest of Veles by the Turks (1385), the monastery was buried, with a layer of earth and rocks. It is assumed that the avalanche was caused with the bombing of the city. The monastery stood buried for about four and a half centuries until 1855 when the monastery church was again discovered and renovated. The interior of the monastery was painted by the famous “zograf” Hadji Kosta Krstev.
Especially interesting at the temple St. Demetrius is the belfry, which is connected to the object and looks like it is an integral part of the west side.

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