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Church St. Nikola, Vevchani, Macedonia

St. Nikola, Vevcani

The church dedicated to Saint Nikola in the village Vevcani is a three-nave basilica built in 1862 and consecrated in 1876.

The iconostasis icons were made by the famous Macedonian painter “zograf” Dičo from Tresonče, Debar, while the fresco-painting was made by his son Avram Dičov.

The church has impressive dimensions (18 x 12.5 m) and with its beautiful fresco painting is one of the most beautiful monuments from the renaissance in Macedonia.

The construction of the auxiliary building located on the west side of the church started in 1999. Within this object, there are a baptistery, icon gallery, library with reading room, candle shop, office, and guest room.


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