St. Nikola Shishevo, Matka

The church of St. Nikola in the Shishevski monastery is located opposite the church of St. Andrea, on the mountains rising above Lake Matka.

Historical data or inscriptions, about the rise and the painting of the old church, are not known.

The church is mentioned several times in the seventeenth century, which means that active life in the monastery took place in the Turkish period.

Church (the western part) was painted in 1630 and in 1645 was made the cross of the iconostasis. It seems that throughout the eighteenth century it was abandoned and the life in the monastery completely vanished.
In the church St. Nicolas, it is assumed that there are three layers of fresco decoration. The oldest, preserved in fragments, is located on the north and south walls. In the eastern area of the church this painting is covered with a layer of frescoes from the fourteenth century. In fact, the visible fragments of the oldest layer of frescoes, does not allow for more detailed stylistic and artistic analysis, while the fourteenth century painting has all the features that characterize the artwork from this time.



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