St. Nikola v. Ljuboten, Skopje

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The church dedicated to St. Nicholas was built on a flattened plateau near the village Ljuboten – Skopje.

From the inscription, carved stone slab above the western entrance, we can see that the church was built with funds from unknown ktitor (parton) Danica certainly rule holder in 1337.

In some time the building was extremely run-down with difficult suffered upper parts of the building, and with them and the paintings on the walls of the inner space.

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In 1928 thorough restoration was carried out, taking into account the original appearance of the church.

The author of the paintings is unknown, but he certainly belonged in the number of talented painters to whom were known the achievements of their forerunners and contemporaries.
Previously inaccessible, today to this important mid-century-old monument leads an asphalt road.

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