St.Prohor Pcinjski hermits (Св.Прохор Пчињски), Ascetic cave of the Holy Prophet in Staro Nagoricane

Hermitage in Old Nagoricane (Испосница Св.Прохор Пчињски, Испосничка Пештера На Светиот Пророк во Старо Нагоричане) is located near the church of St. George , in the central part of the village.

The construction of the original church of St. George in XI century is associated with the legend of eremite Prohor  Pcinjski  (Св.Прохор Пчињски), who lived in this small cave .
 Namely, in this area , specifically near the village of Staro Nagorichane, the Byzantine military commander Roman IV Diogenes (Роман IV Диоген) with his army stayed in this area and was a successful defender of attacks of “Pechenzi” (Печенези) .
Hunting wounded deer, the commander entered into the cave, in which lived the hermit Prohor Pcinjski, who told him not to kill the deer.He also told the commander that in the future he will become the Byzantine Emperor .
Roman IV Diogenes (Роман IV Диоген), and didn’t kill the deer, went to Constantinople and briefly after  became a Byzantine Emperor ( 1068-1071 ) . In gratitude, he erected a beautiful three-nave basilica near the hermitage , the first phase of the church St. George.


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