Holy Salvation church in village Kuceviste

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On the slopes of Skopska Crna Gora in village Kuceviste, the church dedicated to Holy Presentation of the Virgin, in the population known as St. Spas (Holy Salvation) is located.

By form, this church belongs to the type that underlies a cross inscribed in a rectangular space, over whose central arch raises high on four pillars. On the outside of the apse is five-sided, decorated with niches and decorative brick walled fields.

Based on the writing, which is located above the south door of the nave of the church, on which is mentioned the ruler Radoslav and a well known charter of Emperor Dusan from the period 1348-1353, which says: “the loved ruler of my kingdom Zupan Radoslav will enclose the village Kuceviste church. Mary”;and based on stylistic analysis of the paintings, we come to the conclusion that the church was built and painted somewhere before 1348.

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Today to the village Kuceviste there is an asphalt road.

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