Stibera (Стибера) – archaeological site near Chepigovo (Чепигово)

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The remains of the city Stibera (Стибера) lie 23 km south west of Prilep, over the estuary of the River Blato (Блато) in Crna Reka (Црна река, Black River, Erigon).

The oldest information about the city gives Polybius, and detailed information about Stibera also give T. Livy and Strabo, which mention that Stibera lies on river Erigon and belongs to Deriopite.
From the old maps we can see that Stibera is located on the road Stobi-Heraclea. In Tabula Poitingeriana station Stibera is omitted, but by the geographer Ravenacki it is seen as Istubera for his sequence: Eristion, Ceramij, Istubera, Heraclea.
The first archaeological excavations in Stibera were made by N. Vulic in 1924. Further information on the existence of a large ancient settlement was obtained by the archaeological excavations carried out in 1953 by the Archaeological Museum of Macedonia.
From the eighties of last century the Institute and Museum of Prilep performed archaeological excavations of open points and conservation interventions performed on the remains of the detected structures.
In Stibera are found 28 monuments with inscriptions and names, Ephebs, names of gods and names of donors, and 27 from the cult statues and portraits plastic. From the cult marble plastic statues of gods are discovered Asclepius, Hermes and Bacchus, and portrait statues of women like “herkulanki”, the men – Kosmet, torsos from Ephebs, an imperial and a statue of “Macedonijarh” – Stibera citizen.

Statue of emperor, marble II Century

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Statue of Asclepius, II century

The life in Stibera has ended in the second half of III century, suddenly and violently, and for reasons that are still unknown. The time coincides with plundering raids of Goths and Heruls, that on two occasions had ravaged these areas.

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