Stogovo mountain – Mountains in Macedonia

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Stogovo is a high mountain in the western part of the Republic of Macedonia, between the valley of the rivers Crn Drim (west) and Sateska (east). North-east of Mount Stogovo is Mount Bistra, and in the south through the peak “Babin Srt” (2240 m) it is added to Mount Karaorman.

Mount Stogovo has over 10 peaks higher than 2000 meters, like: “Golem Rid” (2273 m), “Babin Srt” (2241 m.), “Stogovo” (2218 m), “Kaneš” (2216 m) and others.

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Mount Stogovo is often considered as a whole with Mount Karaorman, which continues toward Ohrid area. It has three glacial lakes: “Gorno”, “Dolno” and Lake Marushe and it is especially suitable for hiking tours and hunting tourism.

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