Strumica Macedonia – (Струмица) the carnival city


Strumica is city in South East part of Macedonia with population of 35.311 (census 2002).

It is located south east from the mountain Smrdes, under the fortress “Carevi Kuli (Tsar Towers)” on elevation between 225 and 300 meters.

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Stumica occupies an area of 896 ha. With the national road M6 Strumica is conected with Radovis and Stip and on east with Petric in Bulgaria. Also a regional road on north, leads to Berovo and in Valandovo on South.

Strumica has moderate continental climate with certain Mediterranean influence. The average year air temperature is 12.9 C (55.22 F) and the average rain fall 583 mm.

Strumica is old city which in ancient time is mentioned under the name Astraeum. In the I century in the city stayed the roman emperor Tiberius, after which the city received the name Tiberiopolis. The grave of his daughter Struma is located here, after which later the Slavs gave the name to the city.  
Near the city in 1014 took place the famous battle between the Macedonian Tsar Samuil and the Byzantine emperor Vasilij II (Basil II), after which the Byzantine emperor gave the order more than 14.000 prisoners from the Samuels army to be blinded and only one eye was left to every 100-th soldier, so he can lead his follows to their king. The place where this brutal act was conducted it is marked by the local population under the name Vodoca. The site of his blinded soldiers was fatal for Tsar Samuil so he died soon after.
Due to favorable geo-political situation the city of Strumica in the middle ages had important strategic position, especially in XVIII and XIX, since it lied on the well known Ser Road. In Strumica every year in August was held the well known fifteen day fair.  At the end of XIX the city of had population of 10.160.
Between the two world wars as city near the border, Strumica sequentially loses its former functions and in 1921 there lived only 5.866 people.

Strumica old Photo

08 Old Strumica

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