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Sultan Murat – Hjunkjar Mosque in Skopje

On the southern part of the plateau, which rises east of Bit Pazar (Bazaar), located is the high hereditary of sultan Murat II, the mosque Hjunkjar (royal or Sultan Mosque).

The Sultan Murat II, the father of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror in 1436 has build the mosque, unique in Republic of Macedonia.
Murad II, the son-in-law of Georgia Brankovic (Ѓурѓе Бранковиќ), ruled from 1421-1451, however, due to riots occurred in the Ottoman Empire, he was forced to abdicate in favor of his son Mehmed II.
In 1537 the upper part of the mosque and minaret were burned in fire.
The Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent rebuilt mosque. However, in the fire of 1689 caused by the Austrian commander Piccolomini, mosque was burned down again. After 23 years, in 1712, on the orders of Sultan Ahmed III, the mosque was restored. In 1912 repairs were made again.
In the 1963 earthquake, the mosque was severely damaged, and in later years the damages were corrected.
From existing records on old Turkish inscriptions which were walled in the front of the mosque, the names of the sultans and the dates when the mosque was built and rebuilt can be seen.
As Master Chief in raising of the mosque, participated Hussein from Debar.

sultan murat hjunkjar mosque
The original appearance of this building is not known, but judging by the other two mosques built in Brusa and Izmir (Smyrna) – lagacies of the same Sultan Murat II, it is presumed that Hjunkjar mosque was similar to them.