You are currently viewing Arhangel Mihail Monastery in Varosh, Prilep  (Манастир Св. Архангел Михаил, Варош)

Arhangel Mihail Monastery in Varosh, Prilep (Манастир Св. Архангел Михаил, Варош)

In Prilep city in the Varosh neighborhood the monastery dedicated to St. Archangel Michael is located with one of the most beautiful monastery inns in Macedonia.

Todays the church, with the exception of the west, has all the features of the latest renovation which was completed in 1861.

It is assumed that somewhere in the second half of the XII century was built the original church of St. Archangel in its eastern part.

In the monastery yard, there are many fragments of antiquity. Monolithic stone pillars of the porch of the church, one of which (north) is preserved with inscription in Cyrillic letters of 996, mentions the death of Andrea. After the inscription on the tombstone of Samuel’s parents of 993, this is the second oldest Slavic script with Cyrillic letters.

On both sides of the church, adjusting to the steep slope, built in the XIX century are the monastery quarters. They are the work of Prilep craftsmen who in the XIX century, on top of the material well-being were organized in guilds. Each room in the quarters has preserved appropriate posts, telling the story about the participation of the different guilds in the construction of the dormitories. On the architectural side, the quarters are a fine example of the old city architecture.

You can reach the monastery by foot, using the walk stone trail which connects the monasteries in the Varosh area, or by car using the asphalt road.  A taxi from the center of Prilp to the Varosh monastery costs less than 2 euro.