Sv. Arhangeli village Kuceviste

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The church dedicated to St. Archangels Michael and Gabriel is located northwest of the village Kuceviste, in the picturesque valley of the Kuceviska river on extended plateau. In historical documents the monastery is mentioned in seventeenth century.

When the church was builded it is not known. Judging by the way the building of architectural and stylistic features we can conclude that the church was built much earlier probably, at the end of the fourteenth or fifteenth century.

From an inscription that existed in the vestibule we can conclude that the painting it was brought in 1631, while the inscription above the entrance door was painted in 1701.
On Iconostasis are placed imperial gates, much older than the painting of the church, though the period of the XVI-XVII century. In this church was located a remarkably interesting icon that illustrated the 158, 159 and 160 psalms of David.

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Today the icon is located at the Art Gallery in Skopje. It is the icon known as “Hvalite gospoda” – ‘Praise the Lord’.

hvalite-gospoda-sv-arhangeli-kucevisteFrom the old church furnishings remained the two choirs inlaid with bone, which belong to the eighteenth century.
The church is surrounded on all sides by mansions built in the XIX and XX century.

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