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St. Atanasij (Свети Атанасиј) Church in Varos – Prilep

The church St. Atanasij (Свети Атанасиј) is located in Varoš neighborhood in Prilep, near the churches St. Demetrius, St. Nicholas, St. Athanasius, Sts Peter and PaulSt. Mary and the Monastery of St. Archangel Michael.

There is no historical data when the church was built. The only information regarding the monastery is the mention of Archimandrite Leontij, who in 1622 donated a Psalter to the monastery Zograf on Mount Athos.

According to the architecture, it is a cruciform church with four monolithic pillars. Only two of the pillars are preserved on the east side of the church. During the construction, second-hand construction material from the pillars was used.
There are only a few fragments on the south wall and a fresco representing St. Atanasij preserved from the initial fresco-painting.