St. Demetrius (Sv. Dimitrij), Church in Skopje

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The church Saint Dimitrij in Skopje was built on the pillars of an old orthodox church from the 16th century.

In 18 century the church was at the rank of a cathedral and in the 19th century it became seat of Metropolitan of Skopje.  Since it was built, the church had been renovated several times in the 19th century.

The todays look of the church orginates since 1896, and it is a work of the mason Dame, son of Andrej Damjanov from Veles. The same year the famous painter Dimitrija Andonov Papradiski painted the fresco-painting, carved the wooden iconostasis and built the royal gates.
The first Archbishop of the Macedonia Orthodox Church – his Beatitude Dositej was buried on the parvis of the church. On the eastern side of the parvis, outside the yard, second Archbishop of the Macedonia Orthodox Church his beatitude Angelarij was buried.
Recent “event” connected with this church happened on April 8, 2012, when according to some the church’s frescoes cleaned themselves, without any direct intervention of the human factor.
Due to the incapability of the conservators to agree on common scientific interpretation, many of the believers considered this phenomenon as a Miracle of God.

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