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St. Nicholas, Varosh, Prilep (Св. Никола, Варош, Прилеп)

The church dedicated to St. Nicholas (Св. Никола) is located in Varos neighborhood, Prilep, near the church St. Mary. According to some scholars, the church was built in the second half of the XII century, on the remains of the old Slavic settlement.

St. Nicholas is a simple one nave church with a three-sided apse externally, with a semicircular arched vault. With its relatively small size and the explicit height, it’s similar to the churches in Kostur area (St. Anargiri, St. Stephen St. Taksijarsi).

The church is built of rough stone, and the upper areas are made in rich ceramic-plastic decoration. Above the west entrance of the niche, Saint Nicholas is painted.

The frescoes are relatively well preserved. In the lower zone are painted the figures of saints and warriors in full size. In the second area are located compositions with scenes of the suffering of Christ, and in the third are the major holidays. On the arch are presented figures of the prophets in full length.



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