Kumanovo museum

The Museum in Kumanovo (National Institution Museum – Kumanovo / ционална установа Музеј – Куманово) is located in the former villa of the rich industrialist Zivko Stojiljkovic (Живко Стојиљковиќ), built in 1926 with a typical hallmark of the old city architecture.

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Pelince – ASNOM – World War II Memorial

The Pelince Memorial Museum was developed by the project of architect Georgi Konstantinov (Ѓорѓи Константинов) and the monumental mosaic facade is the work of the Macedonian contemporary artists Rubens Korubin (Рубенс Корубин) and Ilija Penushliski (Илија Пенушлиски).

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Kostoperska Karpa archaeological site near Kumanovo

Kostoperska Karpa (Bone Washing Rock, Костоперска Карпа) is archaeological site near the village Mlado Nagoricane (Младо Нагоричане) on 10 km northeast of Kumanovo and over international road that goes east to Kjustendil.

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Kumanovo (Куманово) city, Macedonia

Kumanovo is а city in the northern part of the Republic of Macedonia with 78,602 inhabitants according to 2002 census. Located in the central part of Kumanovo Field, on both sides of Kumanovska River, at an altitude of about 330 m, it covers an area of 1886 ha.

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