Nature in Macedonia

Plackovica Mountain Macedonia

Plackovica Mountain – Macedonian Mountains

Plackovica is a mountain with medium height, located in the eastern part of the Republic of Macedonia with the highest point “Lisec” (1 754 m). It is situated between the town of Radovis and Strumica-Radovish valley in the south and Kocani valley in the north, in the northwest-southeast direction. With the valley of “Zrnovska” river, …

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Maleshevo mountain

The Maleshevo mountain (Малешевски планини) is medium-sized mountain located in the eastern part of the Republic of Macedonia and the southwestern part of the Republic of Bulgaria. Its highest peaks are Jami Tepe (Џами Тепе) (1,804 m) and Chengino Kale (Ченгино Кале) (1,748 m). On the highest parts of the Maleshevo Mountain there is the …

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Osogovo Mountains in Macedonia

Osogovo Mountains

Osogovo Mountains (Осоговски Планини) are a high mountain massif in the eastern part of the Republic of Macedonia, which as a natural whole continues in the Republic of Bulgaria. According to its surface it is the second biggest mountain massif in Republic of Macedonia, along the mountain range Jakupica (Mokra Planina). The highest peak of …

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Skopska Crna Gora

Skopska Crna Gora – Macedonian Mountains

Skopska Crna Gora mountain (Скопска Црна Гора) with its highest peak Ramno (1,651 m) is a mountain with medium hight in northern Macedonia. Other famous peaks are Sokolovec and Dusanovec. On Skopska Crna Gora are located springs of a large number of river flows and with the valley of Lipkovska Reka it is divided into …

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Paragliding - Busheva mountain

Busheva Mountain – Macedonian Mountains

Busheva (Бушева планина) is a mountain with medium height near the town Krushevo, with Musica (Stara Musica) (1788 m.) as its highest peak. Other famous peaks are Kozjak (1762 m.), Blato (1592 m.), Kula (1437 m.), Meckin Kamen (1454 m.), Ploca ( 1293 m) and others. On Busheva Mountain, prevail the deciduous forests, and on …

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