You are currently viewing Tetovo (Тетово) city, Macedonia

Tetovo (Тетово) city, Macedonia

Tetovo is a city located in the North-West part of the Republic of Macedonia. Situated on an elevation between 470 and 540 meters and according to the 2002 census, Tetovo has a population of 52.915.

The city occupies an area of 1.120 ha and with the neighboring cities Skopje and Gostivar is connected by highway and rail line.

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Tetovo has a moderate continental climate with an average year air temperature of 11 C (51.8 F) and an average yearly rainfall of 470 mm. The city is mentioned for the first time under the name “Htetovo”, when within existed the rich monastery Holy Mother of God (St. Bogorodica) in honor of which a big fair was held.

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During Turkish rule, the city is renamed as “Kalkandele”.

09 Old Tetovo

In the second half of the XIX century, there was a fast expansion of craftsman and trade in the city, and this created a climate in which the Turk Begs have built several palaces.

At the beginning of the XX century, Tetovo had a population of 19.200. In the period between the two world wars that number is reduced, so in 1931 Tetovo had a population of 16.359.

According to the 2002 census, Tetovo had a population of 52.91, among which 28.897 ethnic Albanians, 18.555 Macedonians, 2.352 Roma, 1.878 Turks, 587 Serbs, 156 Boniacs, and 13 Vlachs.

The city of Tetovo today is the administrative center of the Municipality of Tetovo, which covers an area of 26.189 ha, with 20 populated places and a population of 86.580.

Tetovo is the administrative, commerce, cultural educational, and health center of the Polog area.  It has developed textile industry, electrometallurgy, agricultural industry, and other.

In the educational department, it has one gymnasium, a secondary medical school, and two universities: the State University of Tetovo and South-East European University.

From Tetovo originates the well-known bronze figure so-called Menada and in the city the church St. Cyril and Methodius exist with a gallery of icons.

An especially interesting landmark of the city is the “Colorful” Mosque.
On 19 March 1943 in Tetovo was formed the Communist Party of Macedonia, in honor of which Memorial museum was established.

In the village of Leshok, the famous so-called monastery is located with two churches St. Anastasija where the grave of Kiril Pejcinovic is, and St. Bogorodica (St. Mary).


Tetovo Facts

Tetovo facts


Where is Tetovo:
Polog Region, North West Macedonia
26.189 ha
470 – 540 m (1541 – 1771 ft)
Moderate continental
Dialing code:
+389 44
Postal code:
Car plates:
Time Zone:
CET (UTC+1)/
Summer (DST):CST (UTC+2)
Celebration day:
March 3
42°00′N 20°58′E

Municipality of Tetovo
Address:  Dervish Cara 68, 1200 Tetovo
Phone: +38944 338499
Fax: +38944339420