Tetovo Macedonia – (Тетово) city in north west Macedonia

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Tetovo is city located in North West part of Republic of Macedonia.

Situated on elevation between 470 and 540 meters and according to 2002 census,

Tetovo has population of 52.915.

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The city occupies an area of 1.120 ha and with the neighboring cities Skopje and Gostivar it is connected by highway and rail line.

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Tetovo has moderate continental climate with average year air temperature of 11C (51.8 F) and average year rain fall of 470 mm. The city is mentioned for the first time under the name Htetovo, when within existed the rich monastery Holy Mother of God (St. Bogorodica) in honor of which a big fair was held.  

During Turk rule the city is renamed as Kalkandele.

In the second half of XIX century there was fast expansion of craftsman and trade in the city, so this created a climate in which the Turk Begs have built several palaces.

In the beginning of XX century Tetovo had population of 19.200. In the period between the two world wars that number is reduced, so in 1931 Tetovo had population of 16.359.

tetovo-old 1
According to the 2002 census, Tetovo had population  of 52.91, among which 28.897 ethnic Albanians, 18.555 Macedonians, 2.352 Roma, 1.878 Turks, 587 Serbs, 156 Boniacs and 13 Vlachs.

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