The building of Rectorate in Bitola

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The building in which today is housed the Rector of the university St. Kliment Ohridski in Bitola,

also known as the former building of the old municipality of Bitola, is a monument of culture of the Republic of Macedonia and one of the bright examples of Bitola architecture.
This facility was specially built for the Sultan Reshad V as his residence during the visit of Bitola in 1911 and represents one of the most beautiful examples of eclectic- renaissance facilities in Bitola.

North of the building is a small backing object – private bath, which was within harem rooms to the main building, and this small private bath represents integral part of the residence.

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Photo Gallery – Visit of the Sultan Mehmed V Reshad (Мехмед V Решад, Mehmed V Reşad, Reşat Mehmet) in Bitola (Monastir, Manastir) 1911. Exterior and interior of his residence.
Publisher: Moustafa Fevzi, Photos courtesy of: Dimce Najdov








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