The Tikvesh lake is the largest artificial  lake in Republic of Macedonia, created  in 1968 by damming the canyon of Black River (Crna Reka) and construction of a dam 104 m high.The Tikvesh dam  is built of stone and clay and has length of 338 m.

Tikvesh Lake is located in the southern part of the Republic of Macedonia in the Black River (Црна Река) Canyon, 12 km away from Kavdarci or 3 km south of the village Vozarci  (Возарци). Located at an altitude of 165 m the lake has a conical shape and extends in a north -south direction . Tikvesh Lake to the north is bordered by the artificially created dam  near Vozarci, to the east with the settlements : Brushani  (Брушани), Resava (Ресава) , Begnishte (Бегниште) and Kumanichevo (Куманичево) , and to the west is bounded by villages Dobrotino (Добротино), Pravednik (Праведник)  and the Mountain Visheshnica (Вишешница) and to the south with Mreznichko (Мрежичко)  and Klinovo (Клиново) .
As the main source of water for filling the Tikvesh Lake are Black River and  Dragor River . The water temperature in Tikvesh lake during the summer and autumn is 24 C °. This makes the lake ideal for numerous swimmers and lovers of other water sports .
Tikvesh lake abounds with various kinds of fauna and abundance of freshwater fish species . This nature reserve has registered many rare predatory birds 

How to get to Tikvesh Lake?
To find your way to the Tikvesh lake use the map below, click the marker and click again on the link “Get Directions”