Tourist destinations in Macedonia

Tourist destinations in Macedonia. The list presented here is not complete and is constantly updated with new entries so don’t forget to visit us again.

Stenje Prespa Lake Macedonia

Stenje Beach on Prespa Lake

Stenje is a village in ...
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45 french cemetery

French military cemetery in Bitola (WW1 Cemetery)

French military cemetery French military ...
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Staro Nagorichane – village near Kumanovo

Staro Nagorichane village is located ...
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ohrid tsar samuil fortress

Tsar Samoil fortress in Ohrid

Tsar Samoil fortress is considered ...
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German military cemetery in Prilep

On the German military cemetery ...
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Park of the Revolution in Prilep

Park of the Revolution in ...
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Tose Proeski Memorial House in Krusevo

The Memorial House of Macedonia's ...
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33 meter cross near Krusevo

At an altitude of 1,650 ...
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Meckin Kamen Monument near Krushevo

Monument Meckin Kamen near Krusevo

The monument Meckin Kamen (Мечкин ...
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Sirok Sokak (Широк Сокак) in Bitola

Sirok Sokak (Широк Сокак, Wide ...
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Old Bazaar Bitola - view from Isak Mosque

Old Bazaar (Стара Чаршија) in Bitola

Throughout its long history, Bitola ...
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heraclea lyncestis bitola macedonia

Heraclea Lyncestis, ancient city near Bitola

Heraclea Lyncestis Heraclea is mentioned ...
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most s zovik 02

Movie Bridge in village Zovik, Mariovo

Movie Bridge Zovik is placed ...
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Kajmakchalan chapel - Nidze mountain Macedonia

Kajmakcalan (Кајмакчалан) – WW1 location on Nidze mountain

Kajmakcalan (Кајмакчалан, Kaimaktsalan) is the ...
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Kokino – Archaeo-astronomical Site in Macedonia

Kokino (Кокино) is the fourth ...
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