At about ten kilometers from Prilep under the “Zlatovrv“ (Златоврв) , exists the monastery Treskavec with the Church Assumption of the Mother of God (Успение на Богородица).

The monastery is surrounded with beautiful panoramas of all Pelagonia mountains like, “Baba”, “Kajmakcalan” “Babuna” and during the night the cities Bitola, Krusevo and Prilep can be seen.

Treskavec Monastery is a complex of various buildings, ruins and additions, which to date have not been sufficiently studied. However, based on the few data from the literature and recent researches, we can receive incomplete picture of the monastery Treskavec .
In the fresco inscriptions , located above the main door of the monastery mentioned are the Byzantine emperors Andronicus II (1282-1328) and his co-ruler Mihajlo IX. These are actually the first donors of the Treskavec monastery. Later in the XIV century, King Milutin (1282-1321) , Emperor Dusan and his son Uros are mentioned, in the charters  issued by Dusan as donor of monastery Treksavec.
Treskavec monastery is considered to be built in the XIII century and rebuilt, probably at the time of King Milutin. It seems that the monastery suffered a crash and was abandoned in the early years of the XV century.
In 2013 the monastery was hit by a major disaster – a fire that destroyed the monastery quarters .
Immediately afterwards, followed the work on clearing the burnt parts and asphalt road was made, leading to the monastery , as the final preparation for future work and its complete reconstruction.

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