Vardarski Rid (Vardar Hill) – medieval town near Gevgelia

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Vardarski Rid (Vardar Hill, Вардарски Рид) is located in the central space of Gevgelija (Гевгелија) region,

an area which continuously was inhabited for over 1,000 years, from the late Bronze Age (XIII century BC) until the arrival of the Romans (II century BC).

Through six successive settlements, ranging from small prehistoric settlement on the hill 1 (Рид 1) in the II and III century BC the ancient city Gortinija (Гортинија) grew, recognized in historical sources as one of the centers of ancient Macedonia.
After cessation of settlement more than 1,000 years in full Middle Ages (XI-XIII century AD), the sector necropolis was re-used for burial of the population of Vardar Hill.

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Terracotta figures of the Goddess, III-II century BC

Exposed findings of six of the surveyed sectors are remnants of the city (III-II century BC) and in the section “Necropolis” is the oldest burials – initial settlement from the late Bronze Age (XIII century BC) and the youngest medieval settlement.
Life of Vardar Hill gradually fades sometime during the I century BC, after some major historical events that occurred during the second half of the I and II century BC and connected with the Roman conquests and invasions of Skordiscist (Скордисците) of Macedonia.

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