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Varosh (Варош) – Settlement in Prilep

In the northwest on the outskirts of the modern city of Prilep, under “Marko’s towers” (Маркови Кули) the Varosh settlement is located Varos, a former suburb of  “King Marko city”

In Tabula Peutingeriana, on the road, StobiHeraklea the Ceramiae station is marked, which presumably can be later shaped into an urban settlement, located on the site of the present Varosh. This assertion is supported by various fragments and sculptures derived from Roman time, which were found on this site in the town of Prilep.

The geographical location was conducive for the creation of settlement since ancient times. According to some scientists, the medieval fortress “Marko’s towers” (Маркови Кули) which rises above Varosh, is built by the Illyrians and Romans for defensive purposes.
Varosh as settlement persisted through the later periods, and according to residues of preserved churches, undoubtedly prove the intense life that evolved in the Middle Ages.

The First Slavic inscription is found, written in Cyrillic letters, on the porch of the church Saint Archangel, in which is mentioned the bishop Andreja.

Archangel Mihail Monastery in Varosh, Prilep
Archangel Mihail Monastery in Varosh, Prilep

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Traces of Slavic culture are found in several places in Varosh neighborhood and along the slopes of Marko’s towers. This is confirmed by recent archaeological research that was systematically conducted in this area.

From the times of Kings Volkasin and latter King Marko several churches are preserved. In folk tradition, is mentioned the chapel dedicated to Saint Luka, in the charter of King Dusan, along with the monastery Treskavec (near Prilep) also are listed the churches: St. John the Baptist, St. George, St. Vrachi, St. Theodore and St. Demetrius.

From the numerous churches that were built in the Varosh area, today are preserved: St. Nichola (Св. Никола), Monastery of St. Archangel Michael (Манастир Св. Архангел Михаил), St. Demetrius (Св. Димитриј), St. Athanasius (Св. Атанасие), Saints Peter and Paul (Св. Петар и Павле) and church of St. Mary (Св. Богородица).

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