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Vevcani Municipality, Macedonia

Vevcani Municipality is located on the west side of Struga valley at the foot of the Jablanica mountain, at an altitude between 800 and 900 m.

Vevcani with the regional road is linked to Struga and has 2.433 inhabitants.

Many of them are migrant workers.

Vevcani Macedonia

Village Vevcani is the seat of the municipality and covers an area of 2,280 ha.

In Vevchani there is a primary school and a health center.

Vevcani Macedonia

Vevcani is famous and recognized through the world for its traditional Vevcani Carnival which is held annually on January 13th-14th.

Vevcani also is full of incredible natural beauty, and a real attraction is the Vevcani springs.

St. Nikola, vevcani, Macedonia
Church St. Nikola, Vevchani, Macedonia

Vevcani Springs

Vevcani springs are a monument of nature and ecological zone with a high degree of protection.

Located on the eastern slopes of the mountain Jablanica, 940 meters above sea level, the springs provide an abundance of water, which varies from 450 liters per second in October up to 4000 liters in May.

The springs for Vevcani besides their hydrological, also have spiritual value. On this location are held various religious and other ceremonies.

Vevcani springs Macedonia

Beautifully decorated in harmony with nature and with night illumination, Vevcani springs are among the most visited tourist locations in this region.

To get to the sources you need 10 minutes from the village center up, follow the marks, and enjoy the unique old farmhouses in the village.

Reaching the springs by a special walkway, you will find wooden benches and tables which will enable you to enjoy the greenery and the sound of water.


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Vevcani Facts

Vevcani Municipality info


Where is Vevcani:
West Macedonia
2,280 ha
800 – 900 m (2624 – 2952 ft)
Dialing code:
+389 46
Postal code:
Time Zone:
Summer (DST):CST (UTC+2)
Celebration day:
January 14th
41°14′25″N 20°35′35″E

Municipality of Vevcani
Address:  6535 Vevcani
Phone: +389 46 784 640
Fax: +389 46 784 64 1